The VESSICA Retreat


An Initiatory Journey of Re-membering and Realignment

with William Ayot, Nicholas Janni and Andy Logan

Tuesday May 30th, to Friday June 2nd 2017


In today’s volatile and challenging world, we more than ever need safe spaces in which we can acknowledge and include such complex feelings as grief, anxiety and despair, while re-orienting towards greater alignment and resilience.

By working with contemporary body-mind wisdom and timeless technologies of the sacred, we will begin to open up the inner spaciousness we need in order to rebalance, regenerate and re-empower ourselves.

By connecting with the deepening power of vulnerability and our emotional truth, we will move through presence work and ritual towards a place of wholeness and homecoming.

This residential retreat is appropriate for individuals and leaders in times of transition and uncertainty. It will equally serve those who feel close to burnout and exhaustion, and will have especial relevance for those who are seeking to develop or refine a grounded and embodied spiritual practice.


Location: Charney Manor, Oxfordshire, UK

Tuesday May 30th, 5pm, to Friday June 2nd 4pm

Fee: WORKSHOP: £400 (if booked by February 1st)  £450 (by May 1st) £500 (full price)

BED AND BOARD: £350 (shared room – some single rooms available, first come first served)


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